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The Spiritual Care Fund is in the process of developing a free online practitioner community of dedicated spiritual caregivers, counselors, and wellness practitioners. We are also in the process of creating a public directory of practitioners who have been vetted by an independent panel to ensure that the practitioners we support value healthy spiritual practices and mental wellbeing.


By joining our community, you become part of a collective that values exploration, respect for diverse spiritual paths, and mutual support.

These are just a few of the benefits of joining our free practitioner community:


Peer Network: Connect with like-hearted professionals who are committed to walking alongside others on their spiritual and professional journeys. Share experiences, gain insights, and build lasting relationships.


Resource Sharing: Access a wealth of free resources, including literature, tools, and online classes. Engage in our free curated Wonder and Wellbeing Workshops to gain skills and enhance your journey.


Showcase Your Work: Gain visibility by sharing your unique skills and services with our community and inspire others with your work and perspectives. Use our platform to highlight what makes your approach special.


Grow Your Practice: Supported by our endorsement, the Spiritual Care Fund can help you attract more clients and grow your practice. Your directory page can highlight your work, link to your social media platforms, and advertise your services.  


Host or Go On a Retreat: A primary mission of The Spiritual Care Fund is to fund retreat opportunities. We do this through developing partnerships, funding travel, and a host of unique collaboration opportunities. By agreeing with our principles and joining our community, you can become an approved retreat host.

Join Our Community

I am not a practitioner, but I love what you’re doing. I’d love to participate in free events and receive messages when community events are in my area.

I am a spiritual counselor or wellness practitioner. I certify that I have read The Spiritual Care Fund’s Foundational Principles, Beliefs, and Practices. I would like to join the community and be listed in the directory. 

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