Healing Hops: Community Awareness for Mental Health Spiritual Wellness

Healing Hops is a community event designed to support spiritual counselors and spiritual wellness practitioners while bringing our community together in fun and engaging ways like our Benefit Concert Series.

Healing Hops

Healing Hops is a pub-based event series that invites community members to come together, enjoy a drink, and show support for The Spiritual Care Fund’s mission. These events aim to:


  • Raise Awareness: Highlight the importance of spiritual counseling provided by licensed therapists and certified counselors who serve clients without a faith-based agenda.
  • Address Important Issues: Increase awareness around spirituality and mental health, such as religious trauma and the need for non-biased, clinically sound spiritual guidance.
  • Build Community: Offer a relaxed and social atmosphere where individuals can connect and learn more about the value of professional spiritual counseling.
  • Engage Local Communities: Create an inviting space for individuals to show their support for practitioners dedicated to holistic well-being.
  • Support Practitioners: Provide direct support to spiritual counselors by fostering a community that values their work and contributions.
  • Promote Wellness: Emphasize the importance of evidence-based, outcome-driven techniques in spiritual counseling and spiritual wellness practices – techniques and practices that reduce the ways that certain religious and spiritual practices can unintentionally harm

Get Involved

Do you own a pub and want to participate in supporting these valuable community events? We’re always looking for new venues to host Healing Hops/ By partnering with us, you can help support local spiritual counselors and wellness practitioners while bringing people together in your space. If you’re a community sponsor reading this, and you’d like to show a wider audience your commitment to making spiritual care mentally healthier, let us know by reaching out through our contact form. Join us in making a positive impact on spiritual wellness in our community. Cheers to healing and wellness!

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