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Meet Karla

Karla Montero is a dedicated Self-Love Coach and skilled group facilitator committed to guiding individuals towards a journey of self-healing and empowerment. Karla’s upbringing was a blend of love and turmoil that fostered a deep sense of empathy and compassion. Choosing to re-parent herself, she embraced a journey of self-love and a rediscovery of her spirituality through service. Now she’s a devoted family person who embodies and shares the support and loves she craved as a child. She finds joy in painting and traveling, as she discovers echoes of herself in the stories of everyone she encounters. You can explore her work at or connect with her on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or TikTok.

Karla’s Mission and Calling
Karla’s calling is to guide individuals towards discovering the boundless love within themselves, which she believes is a reflection of God’s love. As a group facilitator, she creates nurturing spaces for personal growth and healing and uses her platform as a speaker to share her personal journey and a profound message of love and compassion.

How to Support Karla

Karla’s soul recharge as a self-love practitioner is to the Sacred Community Retreat in Victoria, British Columbia, a community she gathers with virtually every week. Your generous contributions will enable her to partake in a profound act of self-love to nourish her own heart, deepen her spiritual practice and enrich her
capacity to extend love and compassion to herself and others. The Spiritual Care Fund will match 100% of donations up to the full cost of Karla’s travel and lodging costs. 

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