Respite Programs

We recognize the unique needs of spiritual care professionals and tailor our retreat programs to provide personalized experiences that foster rejuvenation and growth. Each retreat is individually planned based on an in-depth interview with the spiritual care professional to ensure that the experience aligns with their specific needs and aspirations.

Weekend Retreats:

Our weekend retreats are meticulously designed to offer a sanctuary for rest, silence, and a change of scenery. Open to individuals, couples, families, or small ministry teams, these retreats provide a brief yet impactful escape. Participants can immerse themselves in tranquility, allowing for reflection and relaxation, helping to recharge both mentally and spiritually.

Weeklong Retreats:

For those seeking a more immersive experience, our weeklong retreats offer a blend of restful moments and planned spiritual activities. Participants can engage in worship, mentoring, coaching, spiritual direction, and nature excursions. These carefully curated activities aim to provide a holistic and rejuvenating experience, encouraging a deeper connection with oneself and the divine.

Extended Retreats for Sabbaticals:

Recognizing the importance of extended breaks for creative endeavors, we offer longer retreats that serve as sabbaticals. These retreats are ideal for spiritual care professionals working on creative projects such as publishing books or building courses. We provide the time and space needed for focused work, allowing participants to delve into their projects without the distractions of daily responsibilities.

Eligibility Requirement:

To be eligible for our respite programs, participants must be spiritual care professionals working in non-sectarian institutions or private practice. This includes chaplains, pastoral psychotherapists, spiritual directors, and others dedicated to providing spiritual care in diverse settings. We believe in inclusivity and welcome professionals from various faith backgrounds and perspectives.

At The Spiritual Care Fund for Respite and Retreat, we are committed to supporting the well-being of spiritual care professionals by offering tailored respite experiences that address their unique needs. Through these programs, we aim to foster a community that values self-care and recognizes the importance of providing dedicated caregivers with the opportunity to recharge, reflect, and continue their impactful work with renewed energy and purpose.

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